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News release - Industrial Engineering

Sigmastrat to hold workshop on:
Work Layout Optimisation, Error proofing, and reducing production cost

ADAPTATION OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY with Facilitator from Ford Motors, Canada

The presentation will address the following manufacturing topics:
• Work Measurement: Emphasize on the difference between MOST and MODAPTS work measurement techniques.
• Work Methodization: Emphasize on the need to re-methodize work in alignment of human capital reduction. An approach required to present case studies to incorporate tools and automation to save cost on human capital.
• Human Capital Utilization: Emphasize on re-balance of human resources to ensure adequate utilization of production workers.
• Ergonomics & Safety: Emphasize on North America automotive compliances on OSHA work safety standards.
• Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) : Relationship between the CAW and company management staff.
• Out Sourcing: Emphasize on an approach to present a case study to outsource sub assemble operations to a 2nd tier automotive industry.
• 2ND Tier Automotive Industries: Emphasize on the supply chain between suppliers, 2nd tier and an automotive company. The presentation will also elaborate on the requirement to maintain a high standard of the following:
1. Error Proofing system
2. Material Handling
3. Optimized Plant Layout for material flow and storage
4. Optimized work station
5. Cross Docking
6. Supply Chain
Onsite Training:
• MODAPTS Time Studies training will be offered to interested organizations.
• An excel MODAPTS template will be used to conduct training.

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