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To drive smart business decisions, you need sound, validated information about your customers, their habits, and what motivates their decisions. As the automotive industry’s leading marketing research firm, Sigamstrat provides that information.

We are continuously developing market intelligence to help our clients gain insight into their customers’ behavior and purchasing habits. No other research company in Ghana offers the breadth and depth of experience or the rigorous methodologies that Sigmastrat does. We supply detailed consumer demographics and purchasing trends, shed light onto your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and deliver data that brings you closer to your customers, distribution channels and market opportunities.

Our vast store of research results, stretching back many years, provides trendable, statistically reliable data that is broad enough to withstand detailed query and deep enough to get to the root of your most demanding questions.

Our core research areas cover two key segments of the automotive sector:

Aftermarket – includes detailed coverage of the size and segmentation of the retail aftermarket, including specific breakdown by country, product family and retail channel and also specific data on 25 products, including all the key fast movers of this hugely fragmented market

Fleet market - provides clients with detailed information on the company car market, leasing, fleet management and rental sectors

Sigmastrat is uniquely positioned to deliver research and analysis across these segments, helping you understand and compare differentials in growth rates and changing competitive dynamics within and between countries.

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