Six Sigma Solutions

SigmaStrat’s Six Sigma tools and techniques make your organisation more effective and efficient by producing rapid business improvements. We ensure sustainable results by developing your people alongside any process improvements.

Why use SigmaStrat’s Six Sigma approach?

• Improve on areas that directly impact and influence your customers
• Address issues that keep impacting on your efficiency
• Improve your existing processes and develop a continuous improvement philosophy
• Adapt quickly and effectively to rapidly changing forces
• Reduce delivery times and operating costs
• Increase the effectiveness of resource/investment.

What we can offer

• Problem Solving - help with salvaging unproductive organisational processes
• Continuous Improvement - move process performance to a higher level
• Breakthrough - new processes to facilitate operational step changes
• Practical stages of intervention and training to all levels within your business
• Delivery of real business improvements.

How we can help

• Measuring your organisation's current performance linked to our Benchmarking service
• Determining where you need to be and how to 'close the gap' using our workshops
• Evaluating and reducing risk
• Support, mentoring and training at all levels within your organisation ensuring transfer of skills.
The End Result
Production of rapid business improvements, sustainable results, and breakthrough performance.


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