Business Process Engineering

We can help you map your business processes, the essential first step towards understanding your business better, identifying problem areas and improving how you operate.
Whether you are defining specific processes or developing your entire management system, process mapping will:
• Enable better understanding of current operations
• Encourage consistency
• Identify opportunities for improvement
• Support staff induction and training.

What we can offer

• Best practice advice on tips, tools and techniques
• Detailed analysis of current work practices
• Software which uses industry-standard deployment (matrix) flowcharts and RACI methodology
• A pragmatic approach which delivers the required level of detail without wasted effort.

How we can help

• Clarify what is done, how and by whom - throughout your organisation
• Produce clear, concise descriptions of your key processes
• Identify weaknesses, inefficiencies and potential improvements.

The end result

Your staff clearly understand their roles and responsibilities, and your management system becomes a real asset to the organisation

• Training and Development
• Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking
• Salary Surveys
• Performance Surveys by Industry

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