Competitive analysis is a key cornerstone of business planning and continuous improvement. It will provide your business with the ability to understand its strengths and areas for improvement, understand cause and effect relationship within the business and set realistic targets across multiple areas of the business including financial, employees and customers.

Why use the SigmaStrat Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking?

•  Know your position against your competitors using multiple key measures
•  Understand your strengths and areas for improvement
•  Set realistic targets to achieve your improvement objectives
•  Be measured against models of how the best companies in world operate
•  Develop a realistic action plan that is owned within your organisation.

What we can offer

•  A benchmarking service that includes a number of world class measurement tools to ensure that you get the right one for your organisation:
o Business Excellence Model - (how the top companies around the world are run). Your organisation's innovation abilities are assessed using Wave Innovation - the worlds leading assessment in this field
o Measure your company's business performance against your competitors using Winning Measures.
• Experienced business leaders to take you through the appropriate process
•  Quantitative and Qualitative assessment tools
•  Individual and team based assessment of performance against best practice.

How we can help

•  A full report of your performance against an agreed benchmark standard
• Additional support to implement your improvement plan.
The End Result
A better understanding of your market position, allowing you to make plans which improve your capabilities, and lead to a higher standard of performance across your business 

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