Project Management Consulting

Precise execution of projects and programs is imperative to cost containment, sustainability, growth, and profitability. SigmaStrat's project management experts are the perfect fit to help, guide, lead, and support your mission-critical program and project initiatives. Our trusted professionals help you maintain focus on critical project activities to attain desired business results. We use a variety of project management techniques from traditional waterfall to the more robust Agile and Scrum methodologies, tailored to fit your specific requirements and culture. Expert resources include:


A few examples of the types of initiatives SigmaStrat can help you manage:
•  Troubled Project Recovery
•  Organizational Change/Transformation
•   Process Improvement
• Systems Integration Deployments
•   Regulatory Compliance
•   Infrastructure Program Management
•   Data Center Consolidation
•   Cost Reduction Initiatives
•   New Product Development
•   Vendor Management
•   High-Risk Capital Initiatives
•   Manufacturing Facility Operations
Project Management Coaches help bridge the gap between theory and practice. SigmaStrat Coaches work closely with your project managers and project personnel to reinforce their understanding of sound project management concepts and help them apply these concepts within their work practices. This type of personalized knowledge transfer from experienced resources encourages the development of competencies more easily gained through example, guided learning, and hands-on practice.

Program Managers

These highly-seasoned PMP-certified professionals have the extensive project and program management experience required to effectively lead programs of all sizes and complexities. SigmaStrat's Program Managers are trained to interact with your management executives to achieve success for your program as well as provide constructive and objective recommendations on ways to improve your project management environment. Our Program Managers can also support your strategic initiatives including acquisition and vendor management.
Project Managers
Our Project Managers average over 10 years of experience, overseeing a variety of projects across a wide spectrum of industries and business functions. Productive from day one, they are well-versed in the application of project management, product development, and systems methodologies with access to all of our industry best practice processes, templates, and models.

SigmaStrat's IT Project Managers are experienced in managing a diverse array of IT projects with the ability to develop a delivery approach that is tailored to fit the needs of your project and your technical environment.

Project Controls Specialists

SigmaStrat has a specialized pool of expert Project Controllers, Planners, and Schedulers who average 10+ years of experience in project planning, estimating, cost control, issue and risk mitigation, and project reporting.

To learn more about how our experts can begin immediately supporting your program and project initiatives, contact us today.

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