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Since the beginning of the industrial age and into the information age, there have been mainly three things you could do to improve business performance. We facilitate corporate performance improvement, and design (redesign) architectures of organisations by helping tackle the following areas:

  1. People Management

    Building the capacity and filling the competency gap within an organisation’s team by improving their knowledge, skills, and attitude, which eventually affects their efficiency and effectiveness.

  2. Technology Optimisation

    The effective use of technology to enable people and teams execute critical work processes, communicate information, and share knowledge with all stakeholders.

  3. Process Improvement

    A systematic approach to helping an organisation optimise its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.

Our Services Include:

  1. Training & Team Development

    Sigmastrat offers a complete training and development service that is tailored specifically to meet your needs. We can provide independent, specialist support and resources to deliver maximum value to both participants and their organisations. We pride ourselves in having a wide network of experienced trainers, coaches and specialists from a broad spectrum of backgrounds – public and private sector, local and international, who are professionally Accredited and accomplished in their fields of specialisation.

Our training areas:

Customized Training

    1. Business Process Mapping & Re-engineering

    1. Project Management Consulting

    1. Lean Kaizen Solutions

    1. Six sigma solutions

    1. CV tailoring

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