Why Career Development And Training Is Imperative In Your Organization

Employees are the backbone of every organization, and it is therefore in every company’s interest to invest in the career development and training needs of their employees.  The development of employees is often used as a strategic tool towards the continued growth of an organization. When employees are developed, a company will realize higher productivity and high retention.

The key to successful employee development is aligning the employees’ career goals with those of the organization so that it’s a ‘win-win’ situation.

Why Career Development & Training Is Necessary

There are several reasons why organizations must take part in their employees’ career development and training, and they include social and demographic trends. As times change so do trends the industry. These changes have forced organizations to ensure that their employees are equipped to carry out their functions in our changing world so as to ensure the organization stay relevant and competitive.

The other reason companies implement career development and training in the workplace is when they realize that there are limited opportunities for advancement of their employees. It is easier and in many cases cheaper to train existing employees than it is to bring in new ones and induct them into the organization’s culture.  A high employee turnover destabilizes the company ultimately affecting the bottom line.

How To Successfully Implement Career Development & Training

The first step in implement a career development and training strategy for your employees involves communicating with them so as to identify what their individual career aspirations are. You also need to reintroduce them to the organization’s goals so that they can see how their individual career goals align with that of the organization and how they can develop their career given the various platforms available in the organization.

You’ll also need to analyse the needs of the organization against the skill set of your employees. By doing this, you identify any gaps and the best way to fill them. Will you outsource some of the work? Can you train your current employees so that they handle new or multiple tasks to meet organizational objectives? What specialized training is needed? Once you figure out the answers to these questions, you can move on to the next step.

The next step involves creating a training plan and budget. The training plan and budget are based on both the constraints and needs of the organization. Ideally, you should use the departmental objectives and goals to develop your employees. This is because employees need to be equipped to combat the challenges that come with the organizational goals.

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