Strategy Development And Execution

Strategy Development And Execution

Simply put, a strategy is a roadmap or "plan of attack" for achieving organizational goals-most notably creating shareholder value. While strategies take many forms-from market entry to competition and operations-and exist at virtually every level and area of an organization, success depends upon their cohesion with one another, alignment to market realities, and flexibility to external forces.

Whether entering a new market, improving competitiveness or restructuring operations, SigmaStrat supports and enables a wide range of strategic decisions including:
• Changes in the market landscape, from the entry of new competitors to eroding economics
• Expansion into adjacent markets or new geographies
• Translating a change in vision into concrete action
• Organizational alignment with market dynamics or a change in external strategy 

The support we provide in these and other situations takes many forms, based on each client's needs. While we are often asked to lead strategy formulation, we are just as often called on to provide more discrete inputs to the strategic planning process.
SigmaStrat understands that strategy is not a one-time exercise. Rather, it is something that must be continually revisited as industry dynamics evolve and new entrants emerge. We provide leading companies with both the validation and inspiration they need to develop strategies that will support long-term value creation and sustainable competitive advantage.

Business Performance Coaching

Business Performance Coaching

At SigmaStrat we partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their business skills and growth ­potential for their company. SigmaStrat’s performance coaching focuses on the growth goals for the business, defines the skills needed by the entrepreneur to reach those goals, and chal­lenges them to develop new skills both personally and professionally. We literally walk the entrepreneur through a business success journey.

What can an entrepreneur expect from coaching?

We guide, inspire, and develop entrepreneurs with a focus on business growth and personal transformation. Each participant receiving coaching will es­tablish growth goals and will be expected to make steady progress toward those goals based on his or her work with an assigned coach. Coaches strive to help entrepreneurs achieve their individual and business goals, while developing their confidence to grow and mature as an entrepreneurs.

Our coaches meet with entrepreneurs in individual sessions, face-to-face or on the phone, typically on a weekly basis.  Coaches provide objective assessment, emphasize as­tute and active listening, act as a sounding board, develop options for business strategy, foster shifts in thinking, and seek fresh perspectives on the issues faced by the entrepreneur.

What should I expect in business performance coaching?

The key to a successful coaching relationship is (1) well-defined growth goals and (2) matching the appropriate coach to the entrepreneur.  We have put together a process to ensure both and it takes some upfront work by the entrepreneur

On-boarding the Entrepreneur

We’ll get to know your goals and more about your company to get a sense of where you want to go, opportunities on the horizon, and barriers in place.  We identify your team, key players, influencers, as well as skills and resources needed to get to where you want to go.  Next, we’ll start to assemble our team, based off of your outcomes, to come in and dig deeper, by conducting an X-ray assessment which should precede business performance coaching.  

What is the cost?

Average costs for Business Performance Coaching typically range between $6,000 and $10,000 depending on the goals of the Entrepreneur. Coaching relationships range between 4-6 months, and vary on a case by case basis. 

Can I receive a grant?

Yes. SigmaStrat offers a subsidy scheme of up to 75% of the total cost of the programme to a limited number of entrepreneurs yearly. Apply for a Business Development fund now. Selected businesses will pay 25% of the total amount with SigmaStrat sponsoring the remaining 75%.

How do you measure success?

Entrepreneurs are our passion and performance is our driver. We measure changes in: entrepreneurial skills, sales, profitability, jobs, and exports outside the region. Additionally, we check in to monitor progress mid-way through coaching and capture qualitative information about changes in the Entrepreneur. All participants are expected to participate in on-going impact surveys to ensure an ability to measure long-term performance.  All impact information is confidential. 


How to Apply

To apply for an Business Performance Fund program, simply click on  the application link below; we will be in contact once we review your application.  



Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Consultant

Job Title : Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Consultant

Location : Head Office, Accra
About Sigmastrat
Sigma Strategic Business Consult Limited (Sigmastrat) is a business strategy, project management and performance improvement consulting firm that serves as a key advisor to leading companies in Ghana and the West African sub-region. We provide our clients with unique insight to drive critical decision making and solve their most pressing problems. Sigmastrat also provides LEAN Kaizen and Six Sigma solutions. We are dedicated to helping companies and organizations improve their performance and achieve sustained profitable growth.

Sigmastrat has a widely spread footprint with a mobile, highly experienced team of technical specialists and performance improvement experts with impressive track records and over 100 years combined experience in various fields of business growth. Apart from corporate level strategy, Sigmastrat offers bespoke management training services, both online and classrooms based, and have tailored on-site sessions to meet specific corporate needs.

Every year, the majority of our business comes from clients with whom we worked in the previous year – an indicator of our ability to achieve lasting results for our clients. Our client relationships are enduring, as many clients have remained partners for years. We are dedicated to helping clients achieve meaningful and measurable results in areas critical to their success. We measure our success by the results our clients achieve and by the depth and extent of our relationship with them.

At Sigmastrat we make a commitment to the success of each individual team member. We offer benefits to chart your career path such as training, specialty assignments, cross-functional team project, and much more. Additionally, Sigmastrat offers you the flexibility-and opportunities- you need to achieve your career goals.
Line Manager
Post holder reports to the Head, Corporate Development
General Responsibilities
The Black Belt will support and drive strategic continuous improvements in execution and productivity through the use of lean and six-sigma. This role will also be responsible for supporting performed tasks worldwide using consistent processes and procedures. As a process improvement, quality consultant and change agent assigned to defined business areas, you will drive significant results by leading mid to large complexity process improvement projects focused on supporting customer satisfaction, and productivity. As the Black Belt you will provide process improvement leadership with a thorough understanding of the process improvement methodology, project management and change management and:
Apply Lean Six Sigma techniques to complex projects to deliver significant cycle time and/or touch time improvements
o    Be responsible for defining, researching, planning, and building business support in order to reduce cycle time, improve profitability, increase effectiveness and efficiencies
o    Establish local process ownership and monitor performance and improvements in key metrics
o    Build & reach consensus in identified problem areas and pursue recommended solutions to increase growth and to improve productivity
o    Act as a change agent / coach to instill and sustain changes
o    Train, mentor & coach Green Belts on how and when to use Lean and Six Sigma Tools
o    Identify and capture opportunities to improve and automate processes for sustained efficiencies and savings. Promote the use of metrics and data to drive accountability to achieve business /engineering department objectives
o    Constantly seek, develop, share, and implement best practices amongst fellow process improvement coaches and clients
o    Develop and present process result presentations to senior management
o    Provide input to the development of curriculum and related training modules to educate personnel in the principles of the developed process improvement methodology and related toolset
o    Assist in the delivery of training
o    Bachelor’s degree or above in any Engineering discipline from an accredited College or University
o    Minimum 3 years of process improvement experience

Education / Experience
-Bachelors’ degree in a relevant field. Minimum 5 years experience in a similar role  
Skills Requirement
-A good communicator at all levels with a multi-national team of individuals.
-Leadership skills in a diverse geographic, cultural, and academic environment.
-Ability to develop strategies and tactics.
-Effective time management and strong organizational skills – must be able to balance competing priorities, complex situations and deadlines.
-Competency to plan, problem solve, organise, direct, and control.
-Competency in utilization of computers and skilled application of Microsoft office portfolio.
-Competency in training development or delivery.
-Competency with IT systems and the tools of knowledge management for collaboration, knowledge capture and transfer.
-Proven understanding and application of continuous improvement processes.
-Excellent oral, written and presentation communication skills.
-Good budgetary and business acumen.
-Proven success in your sales ability and demonstrable full knowledge of the sales process

-Confident negotiator and ability to ‘close the deal’

-Strong client management skills and ability to keep promises

-Capable of hands on problem-solving, with ability to generate ideas and solutions
-A positive and determined approach to researching and analysing new business opportunities

-Ability to use own initiative and pay close attention to detail

-Ability to cope with competing demands and to prioritise tasks

-Strong communication skills in all forms including written, oral, email, telephone, and presentation

-Excellent organisational and time management skills

- A positive attitude to dealing with people

-Capable of working independently, and having responsibility as an individual

-Ghanaian driving license (own car is preferable)    

-Confidence to present a tailored presentation to potential client team by effectively using a range of presentation skills i.e. body language, voice tone etc.

-Ability to deliver a tailored sales process to achieve targets /KPI’s by generating leads, asking probing questions, using most appropriate features & benefits based on clients needs and matching with a tailored solution

-Ability to manage and maintain accurate and accessible tailored documentation i.e. Presentations / proposals to meet clients’ needs

_ Ability to co-ordinate the pitch process by effectively providing the relevant teams with a
summary of clients technical and marketing needs in order to obtain relevant assessment strategy recommendations

At Sigmastrat we make a commitment to the success of each individual team member. We offer benefits to chart your career path such as training, specialty assignments, cross-functional team project, and much more. Additionally, Sigmastrat offers you the flexibility-and opportunities- you need to achieve your career goals.
Your Profile
•    Commercial attitude and skills
•    Strong communication skills, both in writing and orally
•    Project management and consultative skills/approach
•    Speak and write English fluently
•    Other languages, specifically French, are a plus
•    Know-how about corporate finance, business (process) outsourcing, shared services, back-office transactions/administration is a plus
•    Experience with internal/external clients

At Sigmastrat we make a commitment to the success of each individual team member. We offer benefits to chart your career path such as training, specialty assignments, cross-functional team project, and much more. Additionally, SSBC offers you the flexibility-and opportunities- you need to achieve your career goals.
Other requirements:
•  Willingness to travel
•  Hands-on mentality/ pragmatic in approach

We Offer
•    An alternate job within a dynamic team
•    The challenges provided by a young and innovative company, combined with the stability of the companies vision
•    A competitive salary and compensation package

Innovation Consulting

Innovation Consulting

Commoditization, margin pressure and growth requirements are creating pressure to be (and to be considered) "innovative." Many companies tout their new innovation initiatives and cultures, but few are able to truly capitalize on innovation in order to drive profitable organic growth. Too often, innovation is promoted within an enterprise as an end, but the means is neglected - i.e., equipping the enterprise to generate returns that innovation promises (e.g., returns equal the most famously successful, innovative companies). When budgets and investments are made, management and shareholder expectations rise accordingly.
Research findings have determined that success (defined as positive measurable returns) from innovation efforts is not necessarily correlated to size of investment. Instead, the proper approach, capabilities, and systems are much stronger predictors of sustained innovation performance than R&D budgets.
Innovation efforts generate sustained positive results when organizations are able to identify and successfully implement the right innovation system - striking a balance across the four strategic factors of Leadership, Process, People, and Leverage, and overlaying an appropriate organizational model and approach. A properly developed and tuned system, coupled with a well-considered innovation strategy (giving direction for the innovation system), results in an exceptional return to shareholders. For instance, Apple's renowned innovation system helped them outpace industry competitors and the NASDAQ to generate $125B in shareholder value between 2002 and 2007, despite R&D expenditures one tenth the size of a number of their competitors' R&D budgets. To generate results, approach, capabilities, and systems trump spend levels.
Sigmastrat helps companies to organize and build improved innovation systems that will support excellence in innovation and maximize return on investment.


CV Tailoring Service

SigmaStrat CV Tailoring Service

At Sigmastrat, we believe that your CV is what gives you the opportunity for an interview.

Your CV is typically the first impression an employer will have of you. It needs to market your skills and accomplishments - as they relate to the job for which you're applying. That means taking the time to target your CV specifically to the jobs you're interested in.

Employers usually only spend 30 seconds or so reviewing each resume, therefore, that first impression needs to be the one that counts. Given how many CVs are submitted for each job opening, your CV needs to be one that makes a stellar impression!

For people with limited work experience and those who have gained similar or exact skills; or jobs which require brief and factual details of previous employment, we have professional CVs in the versatile STANDARD CV format.

Professional CVs in the TARGETED CV format cater for those with established work records, either seeking to pursue their careers within their chosen fields, or divert to other fields.

Our EXECUTIVE CVs cater for people with up to twenty years work experience and extensive track records seeking to highlight achievements in managerial, technical or professional disciplines; ideal for executives, senior managers, medical/legal practitioners and academics. The SENIOR EXECUTIVE CV caters for the same type of professionals with over twenty years work experience.


  • Standard CV: GHC29.99
  • Targeted CV: GHC49.99
  • Executive CV: GHC79.99
  • Higher Executive CV: GHC140


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