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Since the beginning of the industrial age and into the information age, there have been mainly three things you could do to improve business performance. We facilitate corporate performance improvement, and design (redesign) architectures of organisations by helping tackle the following areas:

  1. People Management

    Building the capacity and filling the competency gap within an organisation’s team by improving their knowledge, skills, and attitude, which eventually affects their efficiency and effectiveness.

  2. Technology Optimisation

    The effective use of technology to enable people and teams execute critical work processes, communicate information, and share knowledge with all stakeholders.

  3. Process Improvement

    A systematic approach to helping an organisation optimise its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.

Our Services include:

  1. Training & Team Development

Sigmastrat offers a complete training and development service that is tailored specifically to meet your needs. We can provide independent, specialist support and resources to deliver maximum value to both participants and their organisations. We pride ourselves in having a wide network of experienced trainers, coaches and specialists from a broad spectrum of backgrounds – public and private sector, local and international, who are professionally Accredited and accomplished in their fields of specialisation.

Our training areas:

  • Project Management and Evaluation
  • Governance and Strategy
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Leadership, Management and Development
  • Sustainability

Customized Training

We are able to work with our clients to develop and tailor solutions to meet their specific requirements, developing curricula that meet international modern business standards to suit various locations around the world. Send us an email: training@sigmastrat.com

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    1. Business Process Mapping & Re-engineering

    We are able to assist with mapping your business processes. • the essential first step towards understanding your business better,
    • identifying problem areas, and
    • improving how you operate.
    Whether you are defining specific processes or developing your entire management system, process mapping will:
    • Enable better understanding of current operations
    • Encourage consistency
    • Identify opportunities for improvement
    • Support staff induction and training

    The support we provide in these and other situations takes many forms and is based on each client's needs with the assurance of confidentiality and information security. While we are often asked to lead strategy formulation, we are just as often called on to provide more discrete inputs to the strategic planning process. SigmaStrat understands that strategy is not a one-time exercise. Rather, it is something that must be continually revisited as industry dynamics evolve and new entrants emerge. We provide leading companies with both the validation and inspiration they need to develop strategies that will support long-term value creation and sustainable competitive advantage.

    1. Project Management Consulting

    Precise execution of projects and programs is imperative to cost containment, sustainability, growth, and profitability. SigmaStrat's project management Experts are your best team to help, guide, lead, and support your mission-critical program and project initiatives. Our trusted professionals help you maintain focus on critical project activities to attain desired business results. We use a variety of project management techniques from traditional Waterfall to the more robust agile and scrum methodologies, tailored to fit your specific requirements and culture.

    Expert resources include:
    • coaches
    • programme managers
    • project managers
    • project controls specialists

    A) Coaches Project management coaches help bridge the gap between theory and practice. SigmaStrat coaches work closely with your project managers and project personnel to reinforce their understanding of sound project management concepts and help them apply these concepts within their work practices. This type of personalised knowledge transfer from experienced resource persons encourages the development of competencies more easily gained through example, guided learning, and hands-on practice.

    B) programme managers These highly-seasoned and certified PMPs have an extensive project and programme management experience required to effectively lead programmes of all sizes and complexities. Sigmastrat's programme managers are trained to interact with your management executives to achieve success for your programme as well as provide constructive and objective recommendations on ways to improve your project management environment.
    Our programme managers can also support your strategic initiatives including acquisition and vendor management.

    C) Project managers Our project managers average over 10 years of experience, overseeing a variety of projects across a wide spectrum of industries and business functions. Productive from day one, they are well-versed in the application of project management, product development, and systems methodologies with access to industry best practice, processes, templates, and models.
    SigmaStrat's project managers are experienced in managing a diverse array of industrial projects with the ability to develop a delivery approach that is tailored to fit the needs of your project and technical environment.

    D) Project Controls specialists SigmaStrat has a specialised pool of expert project ¢ontrollers, planners, and schedulers who average 10+ years of experience in project planning, estimating, cost control, issue and risk mitigation, and project reporting. To learn more about how our experts can immediately begin supporting your programme and project initiatives, contact us today.

    1. Lean Kaizen Solutions

    Originally developed by Toyota, lean kaizen has become synonymous with continuous improvement. Though “Kaizen” (Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better”) was initially developed for the manufacturing sector, the kaizen principles have since been adapted for other environments. In the UK for instance, the Kaizen methodology has become increasingly popular with both public and private sector companies as a means of engaging and empowering staff to optimise efficiency and improve the service experience for both staff and customers.

    Continuous improvement through lean kaizen does not usually involve throwing money at the problem. Instead, Lean Kaizen is often about finding ways to do things smarter and eliminating any activities that waste time.

    The kaizen way of working is usually readily adopted by staff as kaizen considers them the owners of the solution, not part of the problem. At SigmaStrat we facilitate continuous improvement the Kaizen way.

    1. Six sigma solutions

    Sigmastrat’s six sigma tools and techniques make your organisation more effective and efficient by producing rapid business improvements. We ensure sustainable results by developing your people alongside any process improvements.

    Why use SigmaStrat’s Six Sigma approach?

    - Improve on areas that directly impact and influence your customers;
    - Address issues that keep impacting on your efficiency;
    - Improve your existing processes and develop a continuous improvement philosophy;
    - Adapt quickly and effectively to rapidly changing forces;
    - Reduce delivery times and operating costs;
    - Increase the effectiveness of resource investments.

    1. CV tailoring

    Do you know that your potential employer could check your LinkedIn profile, Blog, facebook account or your personal website? At sigmastrat, we believe that your well-tailored CV is what gives you a better opportunity for an interview. Your CV is typically the first impression an employer will have of you. It needs to market your skills and accomplishments as they relate to the job for which you are applying. Beyond this, your online presence can impact your chance at landing your dream job and building a sustained career. This means taking the time to target your CV specifically to the jobs you are interested in and harnessing a suitable online profile.

    Our CV tailoring services combine a well-planned conventional CV with the positive effect of your online presence to give you an edge over all other applicants.

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